Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cheetah Blige - Gives a FantASStic Strip Show at "Bootylicious Mag"!!!

Greetings Blog Readers!!!

I've have another AWESOME Model for you today!!!

Today I bring you Cheetah Blige!!!

As you can see, Cheetah Blige is a FLAT-OUT GORGEOUS Black Model with a MEGA AWESOME Booty!!!

Cheetah Blige represents the best of what this blog is about (Never call us Superficial)!!!! - :)

In this particular post, Cheetah is working to "pay the rent" by stripping.

Hey, we all have to do what we have to do to get through these tough times!!

Our Stud is (apparently) a VERY HEAVY Tipper, and he get's REWARDED for his large tips!!!

I know .... This is all very unpredictable!!!

Nonetheless, Cheetah is a Sight to Behold!!!

She is GORGEOUS in everyway!!!

She has a Beautiful Face and Smile..... and....

She has a MEGA AWESOME and SEXY Body!!!

I will shut up for now, and just let you enjoy Cheetah Blige and this AWESOME Strip Show.

This particular posting of Cheetah Blige comes to us from our good friends over at "Bootylicious Mag" (a Premier website that is dedicated to GORGEOUS Model with NICE Big Booties, just like Cheetah Blige).

Below I have given two ways that you can enjoy this AWESOME Model

1. A MEGA HOT set of Pictures of Cheetah Blige (first working the "dancing pole", and then working our Stud's pole), and

2. An ULTRA SCORCHING Flash Video showing footage of Cheetah Blige's Strip show with our VERY LUCKY Stud!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to Check Out the Picture Set of Cheetah Blige!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to Check Out the Flash Video of Cheetah Blige!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW to SEE A LOT MORE of Cheetah Blige and of the Many Other GORGEOUS Big Booty Models that are available at "Bootylicious Mag"!!!

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