Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ms Cleo - An AWESOME Ebony BBW/Big Booty Model "Shows and Proves" that she belongs on "Juicy Butt Honeys"!!!

Greetings Blog Readers!!!

I have (yet) another AWESOME BBW Model for you today!!!

Today I bring you Ms Cleo!!!


Now, as you can quickly observe; if you are into Large Women, with both Big Tits and VERY LARGE Booties, then Ms Cleo is "tonic" for you!!!

I have seen Ms Cleo on numerous other Porn Sites; and I can say that she is NOT for the "faint of heart"!!!

If you are a gentleman that SERIOUSLY LOVES Big Tit and Big Booty Women, then (my friends) - your ship has come in!!!

One notable thing about Ms Cleo is that she has a VERY LARGE (and Prominent) Booty; very similar to that of "Cherokee D'Ass" (who I will have in this blog in the VERY NEAR Future).

This particular posting of Ms Cleo comes to us courtesy of our good friends over at "Juicy Butt Honeys" (a Premier website that is dedicated to GORGEOUS Big-Booty Models, just like Ms Cleo)

As I often do, I am going to give you two (2) ways to further explore and enjoy Ms Cleo, through this post.

1. A MEGA SCORCHING Set of Pictures of Ms Cleo (first with her posing and showing off her AWESOME body, and then with her putting that amazing body to work on our Stud).

2. A SCINTILLATING Set of Videos of Ms Cleo - again - doing the SERIOUS "Nasty" with our Stud!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to Check Out the Picture Set of Ms Cleo!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW to Check Out the Video Set of Ms Cleo!!!

CLICK HERE or CLICK ON THE BANNER BELOW to SEE A LOT MORE of Ms Cleo and of the Many Other GORGEOUS Big-Booty Models that you can find at "Juicy Butt Honeys"!!!

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